OUr heart is our volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization. Volunteers can range from being a part-time branch staff to serving on an event basis.


In our organization, we have two types of volunteers:

  • Case-Workers ("Helpers") are our volunteers specifically for the Immigrant Health Helpers program. They provide one on one consultation to our immigrant clients that need our service. This may include researching, translating, filling out paperwork, making appointments, explaining, etc. As a case-worker, you will be trained in cultural competency, organization purpose, HIPAA, professionalism/customer service etiquette, and basic health knowledge, so that you can provide the best service to our clients. These sessions will be made via appointments, hence there is not a set schedule. Each appointment will be 2 hours at a time. This position requires you to be friendly, yet professional. Foreign language and/or health background is strongly recommended.
  • Seasonal Volunteers are our occasional volunteers that serve during our events (workshops/health fairs). These depend on the events that are occurring and you will be helping any task that is needed the day of the event. This position will require you to attend a meeting that covers logistics before the event.


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