Immigrant Services

Immigrant and Family Health (I.F. Health), Inc. provides the following services to connect immigrants to existing health resources and help better navigate them to minimize the barriers to access health care:

  • Health screenings in the community

  • Research

  • Health resource infographics

  • Navigation support

Health screenings in the community

I.F. Health provides BP (blood pressure) and BMI (body mass index) health screenings for the community at various events (health fairs, immigrant community events, etc). We also provide educational resources to promote a healthier lifestyle.

I.F. Health focuses on BP and BMI screenings as they are underlying issues for several chronic disorders. BP and BMI can be regulated through a healthy lifestyle. Additional information is provided with each screening.

I.F. Health hosts immigrant community needs assessment to inform the public of immigrant health needs and to design programs specific to the community needs.


I.F. Health provides multiple language infographics to educate the community of health-related topics and resources.

Health Research infographics

I.F. Health provides support in finding care, comparing and signing up for insurance, making health appointments, understanding the US health system, etc

Navigation Support