Family Services

Immigrant and Family Health (I.F. Health), Inc. provides opportunities for families to engage in fun, interactive ways to explore and develop healthy lifestyles. We, at I.F. Health recognize the importance of family in an individual's life and, as a result, we work diligently to promote and encourage family bonding.


We provide the following services for you to spend time with your family in an informative, family-centered way:

  • Healthy Family Workshops
  • Annual Health Fair
  • After School Programs

Healthy Family Workshops

I.F. Health plans interactive monthly workshops that educate families on various lifestyle topics. These workshops are designed for families to participate and practice a health lifestyle together.

The topic of the monthly workshop is different each month and the upcoming workshops can be found in our events calendar. There is no age requirement. We just ask that parents come with their children and are liable for their own children.

Topics may include:

  • Family Yoga and Meditation
  • Noticing Signs of Mental Health
  • Tips for Caregivers
  • How to Provide Condolence
  • Self-Defense Classes and Awareness on Domestic Violence
  • Affordable Nutrition
  • Zumba Sessions
  • Healthy Recipe
  • Art Therapy
  • First Aid

The locations and times will vary per workshop. Please check the events calendar and make sure to RSVP to the events. If a different family topic is of interest to you, feel free to provide suggestions for future workshops by emailing us at

Annual Health fair

I.F. Health plans annual health fairs in your local area to promote healthy and active lifestyles, while also informing you of all the health resources in the community.

At these health fairs, you will be able to find information on local clinics, providers, and non-profit organizations that can assist you in healthy living. We will also have fun activities, such as zumba sessions, jump roping, hula hoop, face painting, and many more.

The location and time for the annual health fair is available on our events calendar. We would love to see you at our next fair!

After school programs

I.F. Health works with schools to provide after school programs for students of all ages to educate them on healthy living and healthcare topics.